Virtual Gamehole Con FAQ

What Is Virtual Gamehole Con?

Virtual Gamehole Con will be a series of online events run by and for our attendees, just like a normal Gamehole Con. The only difference is that instead of attending the convention physically, you will be able to sign up for and play games in the comfort and safety of your own home. This is NOT a replacement for Gamehole Con 8. We are rescheduling it for October 21-24, 2021 to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our attendees!

What are the Attendee/GM Policies for Virtual Gamehole Con?

They are exactly the same as those that we impose for our live/in person show. We have a zero tolerance policy of harassment in any form. If you feel you were the victim of harassment during a virtual game, please contact us immediately. Here is a link to our existing policies:

Further, please understand, that once you leave our site and go to a platform to participate in a game, we at Gamehole Con will have no way to monitor or regulate that gaming session. So, there is a further participate at your own risk element intrinsic to these events so make sure that you consider the event descriptions carefully before selecting gaming events, especially for those games for minor players.

How will Virtual Event Submissions vary from normal Gamehole Con Event Submissions?

We have altered our standard for a bit in an attempt to give our GM’s the tools they need to run virtual events. One change that is absolute and non-negotiable is that if you are a GM that plans to run any event that contains any mature, graphic, or unusually violent content in one of your games, you must explicitly state this in your event description. We will have minor attendees participating in our virtual games so we cannot have any chance of a young gamer stumbling into a game that is inappropriate for them. Any violations of this policy will result in a lifetime ban from Gamehole Con.

What Platforms Will Virtual Gamehole Con Use?

That is completely up to the GM’s of each individual game. They will include Roll20, Zoom, and Discord. Some GM's may decide to run games outside of these platforms at their discretion, and this is fine. However, our policies clearly state that no GM should force their players to play on a platform that requires extra payment from the players. If your GM is doing this, please let us know!

What about my VIG Status?

Anyone who was a VIG at Gamehole Con 7 will still be eligible for early renewal for Gamehole Con 8 in 2021. Further, virtual Gamehole Con will not count towards attendee’s "level" status for upcoming conventions.

What about my Hotel Room?

If you booked a hotel through our block administered by Visit Madison, your room reservation(s) will be automatically canceled at no cost to you. You should receive an email notification from Visit Madison when this happens. If you are worried about your room cancellation, please contact Visit Madison for more information.

But I Already Submitted Events...?

Because of the nature of the virtual convention, any currently submitted events for Gamehole Con 8 will be politely and reverently declined. We really do appreciate everyone who put in their events so early before we had official word on the status of GHC 8, and we hope that you will re-submit them for GHC 8 next year, and possibly consider submitting some virtual events for V-GHC!

What about Costs?

Virtual Gamehole Con badges will cost $5 each, with every single cent of the proceeds going to Extra Life, our charity partner. Event tickets will have no cost associated with them at all. Please note that there will still be a small processing fee for payments as per normal.

And how about that sweet, sweet Gamehole Con Merchandise?

Don't worry! GHC 8 is still going to happen, and we'll still have all of our wonderful gear and toys waiting for you then! We've already got the GHC 8 stuffed animal ready to go, as well as planning for another one of our fantastic art prints to commemorate the event like every year. We'll also possibly be looking at some super special swag for 2021 as well!

Here are some useful links for attendees

Venue Information

Hotel Information

Attendance Policies

Information on our Kid's Track

Important Dates To Remember

Event Dates - Oct. 21st - Oct. 24th

Please keep checking back for information on our important dates!