So, you want to volunteer in the Adventurers League Hall at Gamehole Con...

We’re happy to have you here! Welcome to one of the world’s largest offerings of Adventurers League!

Before choosing options for volunteering in the Adventurers League hall at Gamehole Con, please review our Game Master Policies and Expectations. All Dungeon Masters, Muster Team and Stage Crew are responsible for following the Policies and Expectations. There are several different opportunities for volunteering among the following categories, join any of them that interest you:

  • Dungeon Master. We will be placing events into the schedule for people within our list of Dungeon Masters to volunteer for. To be able to assign yourselves to those events, you will need to join our AL Dungeon Master Group.
  • Mustering. We will staff a limited number of Muster Crew to aid the Stage Crew in getting players to their tables and aiding in the condensing of tables should the need arise. In addition, Muster Crew will be expected to be ready to step in and run events in the case of an emergency and a DM isn’t able to run their table. To get scheduled for Muster Crew, please fill out the form to join Muster Crew.
  • Room Greeters. These people will be stationed at the door where people will enter the Adventurers League Hall. Your job will be to greet players as they enter, and to aid them with any initial questions. Probably where is my table, or where is the HQ? If you are interested in being the initial point of contact for players, then join the Greeting Crew.
  • Set-up/Tear-down. On Wednesday afternoon we will be setting up the AL Hall in Hall A prior to our DM Meeting. Additionally, we will be tearing down Sunday after the last games are complete (and likely starting during the final game slot). If you have a strong back, and are willing to help us out with these tasks, join the Setup Crew.

Note: Membership in these groups doesn’t grant any benefits, you’ll need to sign up for work shifts in those groups. Thank you gifts from the convention and their partners are given out the Sunday of the convention.

What are Your next steps?

  • Join the Slack Workspace. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. This will be how you are delivered your content to prepare, path to asking questions of the Stage Crew and authors, as well as our primary contact method at the convention.
  • Once logged in, go to My Account/Your Groups to find table/slots without a volunteer. You can fill your schedule by clicking on “Volunteer To GM This Event.”
  • Click on the title of an event to see the details on it, including the table number. (Hint: This is a good way to ensure your sequential events are on the same table.)
  • If you need to remove yourself from an event, you can find them in Events You Are Volunteered For under the Group and click Un-Volunteer for this Event. NOTE: Please alert an admin if you need to remove yourself.
  • At the start of your shift on Muster Team, report to the Stage Crew at the Admin Desk. A Room Captain will assign you a duty.

What do You get for volunteering?

Expected game duration will determine the credited volunteer hours. Most modules have a run time of 4 hours. Muster Team shifts have hours calculated by the actual shift duration. Physical rewards are handed out on Sunday at the Admin Desk. Special considerations for releasing thank you gifts will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

When you DM at Gamehole Con, you receive the following benefits:

  • Access to the GM & Special Guest Lounge
  • If you DM for 14 or more hours, you receive a full weekend badge refund
  • Each game you run you get entered in a GM Rewards Raffle (DM shifts only)

In addition, for DMing in the Gamehole Con Adventurers League Hall:

  • At 14 volunteer hours in the Adventurers League Hall, you qualify for a collection of Thank You Gifts from the convention and their partners. This year that includes a series of patches with insignias from the Thayan military.
  • Also, at 30 volunteer hours you are eligible for a Room Share. These are 4 volunteers to a room and are in limited supply. Volunteers are signed up in the order their requests are received. Current method for requesting a room is through the #room-share channel in Slack. Verified hours are determined once the request is received.

Room Shares

If you're interested in a room share, you should know a few things:

  • All rooms have two double beds.
  • Four volunteers are assigned to a room.
  • Requests for roommates are handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • To ensure your request is fulfilled, confirm you are signed up for 30 volunteer hours before submitting your request.

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Important Dates To Remember

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Event Dates - Oct. 20th - Oct. 23rd

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