Changes to the Adventurers League Hall and the Golden Ticket Track for 2019

There have been several questions about the content coming to the Adventurers League Hall this year as well as the state of the Golden Ticket tables. We will attempt to answer those questions here. And as briefly as possible.

Gangs of Waterdeep (aka The Open)

This season the Open is played with a set of 6 pregenerated characters set in Waterdeep. The 8-hour event (plus a meal break in the middle – we aren’t THAT insane), will focus on the roles each of the characters play in the story set within Waterdeep. It will serve as a great introduction the themes of Dragon Heist as well as earn players rewards to be assigned to an AL character.

The Red War

Origins may have done some damage to Mulmaster, but you can still play in the Red War – a player driven, role playing event pitting the factions of Faerun against the Red Wizards of Thay. Who says you can’t trust a lich? Besides everyone?

Season 8 Epic

We will be offering the first true Epic of Season 8. We will release further information on the event as it is made available to us.

The Border Kingdoms

Now open to attendees of Gamehole Con, we will be offering a total of 11 modules set in the Border Kingdoms, including a special event written by Shawn Merwin that can only be played at the convention itself. It is an event you are sure to want to play in. There is only a single trilogy marked as our core story arc (GHC-BK1-02, GHC-BK1-03, and GHC-BK1-04) that lead up to the events in the special event (GHC-BK1-S). Our main story arc (including the Special) and For the Glory of Bloutar! (GHC-BK1-05) will be set for Tier 2 play. Into the Border Kingdoms (GHC-BK1-01) is an introduction to the region slated for the Gamehole Con events, and in true tradition of the beginning series is crafted for 1st and 2nd level characters. The Heart of Shadow (GHC-BK1-10) is your chance to play your Tier 3 characters in the Border Kingdoms, leaving the rest of the adventures (GHC-BK1-06 through GHC-BK1-09), written by various AL Admins, being ready for Tier 1 play.

While the majority are stand alone adventures, and all can be played in any order, GHC-BK1-02 through GHC-BK1-04 are a trilogy story arc. Playing them in order will yield the best experience possible.

Season 8 Premiere Adventures

There will be three off them this year. We are not sure on the titles and such as they are not written, but the next three in the series (chronologically for that time of the season) will be premiering at Gamehole Con. We will offer a number of these in the main AL Hall as well as the Laughing Otyugh Inn. Which leads me to…

The Laughing Otyugh Inn and the Golden Ticket Tables

This year the Laughing Otyugh Inn will be sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Inside the Inn you will find many of the special events run by staff and Adventurers League admins. This will include several of the charity offerings benefiting Extra Life, one of our chosen charity partners returning from last year. This sponsorship will also include expanded amenities for the 6 tables within the Inn. It will make for an extra special gaming experience. One that will include two tables dedicated to the Golden Ticket track.

Last year our Golden Ticket track was a single ticket that allowed for half of the premiere events at the convention. All of which to be played with the same party of adventurers, and with the same Dungeon Master. The proceeds of which went to our convention charity. This year, with all the content (see above), there was no way for us to fit that into even 4 days of convention. As such, we have expanded our Golden Ticket offerings to two table during each game slot, with a total of 7 of our vetted DMs set to helm one of the tables each game. We are sure you will recognize many of the faces and will enjoy each game being offered there.

This year, we are not partnering the Golden Ticket track with a charity, but each ticket purchased for one of those tables will go to support the over 100 Dungeon Masters that will be making one of the largest Adventurers League halls in the country possible. Each dollar you spend attending a special game in the Laughing Otyugh Inn at the table of our Golden Ticket DMs will go to support your Dungeon Masters.

Each game will be designated as a Golden Ticket game and will afford the bearer of that Golden Ticket entry into the Laughing Otyugh Inn to play amongst our celebrities and VIPs. Who knows, maybe Durnan will even be filming an episode of Bar Rescue inside the Inn.

Anything Else?

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please reach out to our Adventurer's League Admins, Joe Alfano or Thomas Valley.

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Important Dates To Remember

Keep checking back for information on 2019dates!

Event Dates - Oct. 31st - Nov. 3rd

Housing Portal Opens - Feb 2nd at 2PM CST

Event Submissions Open - April 14th noon CST

VIG Renewals Open - May 25th noon CST

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