Volunteers For Gamehole Con 2024!

Gamehole Con has grown rapidly into one of the nation's leading tabletop gaming conventions. And, while that is great, it means that we have gotten to the point where we need help running it. So, we are making a general call for volunteers!

This year, volunteers will have the option of earning some if not all of their volunteer badge reimbursement time in the days leading up to the Con itself helping us set up for the show itself.

We have some great volunteer perks for 2024

  • Work up to 4 hours: Receive our sincere thank you.
  • Work up to 8 hours: Receive a Gamehole Con 2024 Volunteer Exclusive shirt.
  • Work up to 16 hours: Receive reimbursement for any standard (day or weekend, not VIG or similar) Gamehole Con 2024 badge or the cost of the equivalent.
  • Work up to 20 hours: Receive a $30 stipend.
  • Work up to 30 hours: Receive an invitation to a volunteer exclusive True Dungeon run.

Repeat volunteers get their badges compensated right away, so you can bring the money to the show to spend!

The general areas in which we will need help include:

To volunteer for True Dungeon and to enjoy all the awesome rewards that they offer, please use this link: Volunteer For True Dungeon At Gamehole Con.

 For all other volunteers, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at this address.