What is this about a separate Admission Badge and Event Tickets?

There are two basic ways to structure conventions that feature gaming events. One is an all in price that includes a badge and gets you into most if not all of the conventions events; and the other is to set up event/game tickets as a separate transaction. We have chosen the later because those who come and don't want to play in any scheduled events do not have to pay for events that they are not going to use. This is why our badge prices are lower than the vast majority of larger conventions. Second, if there is a small cost associated with a game ticket, that attendee is much more likely to show up for that game. So, when you attend Gamehole Con, your first step is to acquire a badge and that is possible once General Registration opens. Then, once General Event Registration opens, you can buy tickets to any games that have open seats. 

What are the Con hours?

For Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the hours will be 7:00 am – midnight. Finally, on Sunday the hours will be 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.

What are the Dealer Hall hours?

The Dealer Hall will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm. Sunday the Dealer Hall is open 10:00am-4:00pm.

Can I still buy badges and game tickets after pre-registration has closed?

Yes. Registration, Games Desk and Will Call will open on Thursday morning at 7:00 am. We will not be set up to address game ticket exchanges or new registrations on Wednesday afternoon. We will be doing just Will Call for those who pre-registered. Registration will open up on Thursday morning for those who need a badge, need to buy game tickets and for those who need to exchange game tickets.

Can I buy game tickets on-line after the show starts so that I can avoid going to the Games Desk and standing in line?

Yes. This year at Gamehole Con, we'll be offering attendees the ability to purchase event tickets entirely online using our mobile website. Any attendee with a badge will be able to browse, search, and purchase tickets for events using your favorite mobile device, and sit down at the table with your virtual e-Ticket to show to the GM.

This service will open on Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 pm.

Can I exchange an event ticket I purchased for another event, or return a ticket?

Yes. On your account page you will see a list of the games that you are currently registered for. There is a link next to them that says "Return for X Credit" where X is the cost of the event. Just click on that, confirm that it's what you want to do, and the ticket will be released and a credit put on your account in the event that you find something else you'd like to play.

Can I still submit events now that pre-registration is closed?

No. But you can always run anything that you like in Open Gaming. We also have a white board on which you can write your game details in the event you are looking for players.

Can I get a refund on badges or game tickets now that pre-registration has closed?

No. But we will issue you a credit for a returned badge or returned game tickets that you may spend on a future badge or future game tickets.

Will there be food carts again this year?

Yes. There will be a nice array of food carts located immediately outside of the convention center.

When can I buy things like lego Mini figs, Plushies, modules and Official Con shirts?

All retail sales (non admission badge and game tickets sales) will take place at the Gamehole Con retail booth in the Dealer Hall.

How many Special Events can I register for?

Each badge holder is limited to a maximum of 2 special events that they can register for.

Questions About D&D Adventurer's League?

Check out our D&D Adventurer's League Information page for information and who to contact.

Anything Else?

If your questions aren't answered here, feel free to drop us an email at contact@gameholecon.com.

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Important Dates To Remember

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Event Dates - Nov. 5th - Nov. 8th

Housing Portal Opens - Feb 3rd at 2PM CST

Event Submissions Open - April 13th noon CST

VIG Renewals Open - May 23rd noon CST

Main Registration Opens - June 6th noon CST

VIG Event Registration Opens - July 18th noon CST

True Dungeon Tickets Open - July 25th noon CST

General Event Registration Opens - August 8th noon CST

Pre-registration and Event Submission Closes - October 1st