Join us on our official Discord Server!

The link to join our official Discord server is :

This Discord server is where most of our virtual gaming will take place, as well as being your main point of contact with staff that will help you with any issues or questions during our virtual events. Please take note of the following regarding our Discord server :

  1. Channels are broken up into Rooms and Tables, just like our in-person convention. The Room and Table numbers are listed on each event, just like during our in-person conventions, so please check your event to find where you need to go.
  2. If you need help with Discord, please post a message in #tech-support-text or join the #tech-support-voice channel for help. Please be courteous in the voice channel and wait for someone to help you, especially if there are already others being helped.
  3. If you need help with your registration, event tickets, or anything else convention related, please post in #convention-support-text or join #convention-support-voice for assistance.
  4. Please keep #the-lounge civil! We’d hate to have to send in a group of adventurers to clear out the trolls, but we certainly will if necessary.
  5. If you have any issues with an individual or individuals that you wish to address privately, please send a direct message to @TheAmbassador#2038 or any other Admin (you can see them in the members list at the very top) and we will respond ASAP to deal with the issue.
  6. Most of all, treat our online convention the same as you would our in-person convention with regards to your behavior and civility. Our attendance policies apply equally for the virtual convention, so please be sure you are familiar with them.

Not Using Discord?

That’s fine! However, we do highly suggest that until all of your players are accounted for, you still connect to your Discord table just to make sure there isn’t anyone who missed the info that you added to your game. You did remember to add the Players’ Info to your game from the event listing, right? If you missed that, here’s a brief summary:

  1. Log into our website using your GM account credentials and navigate to your event listing.
  2. Click the “Add Player Info” button on the event listing.
  3. Enter the information that your players need to know to join your game in the window that will appear, then hit “Submit”
  4. Relax and have a nice sip of your favorite beverage, secure in the knowledge that your information will be reaching your players very soon.

Adventurers League?

Inside our Discord server, we have a special place just to help muster and organize Adventurers League (AL) business. Our good friend Joe Alfano (Under the name Zombie Joe) will be leading this up, and you can find him and his helpers in the channels listed under the “Adventurers League” category. If your inquiries are specific to AL games and tables, that’s where you’ll need to go to find guidance.

Anything Else?

Is there anything you need to know that isn’t covered here? Please drop us a line at and we will make sure to answer your inquiries as quickly as possible! We are looking forward to making your Virtual Gamehole Con experience virtually perfect in every real way!