True Dungeon At Gamehole Con!

We are excited to offer two highly-immersive adventures which will whisk you away into a pirate adventure ("R3 – Ebony Bay") or a haunted castle (R4 – “Darkhold Keep”). Darkhold Keep is a sequel to Ebony Bay, but they can be played in any order with full enjoyment (and no spoilers).

Your ticket covers your enhanced two-hour adventure, and it provides you with a FREE drawstring pouch of 10 Treasure Tokens ($10 value), at least three draws from the Random Treasure Generator Chest from which super-rare tokens can be had, and a collectible limited-edition Treasure Token that only players can acquire. The cost of each ticket is $68.

R3 – Ebony Bay

Adventure on the high seas! You must follow a strange map to find a pirate's secret treasure. You will enjoy amazing sets, cool animatronic monsters, and fun NPCs. Those who survive the adventure gain a special limited-edition “Survivor" button.

Click Here for a full listing of event times for R3 – Ebony Bay and to purchase your tickets!

R4 – Darkhold Keep

A ghostly adventure! You are tasked with ending a terrible curse within a haunted castle. You will experience immersive sets, frightening animatronic monsters, and mysterious NPCs. The players who meet this challenge gain a special limited-edition “Survivor" button.

Exclusive Participation Tokens!

Each adventure comes unique limited-edition tokens that only players receive.

Token Transmuting Desk

To save time and hassle with transmuting your tokens through the mail, we are offering a location where you can drop off tokens to be transmuted. You can pick them up later at your convenience. This is a great way to do multiple transmutations at no cost to you – in a short amount of time. This service is open to any token collector.

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