Gamehole Con Exhibitor Information

At Gamehole Con, we feel that supporting game companies is also supporting gamers. To that end, we strive to provide the very best mixture of local game stores, publishers, artists and large scale retailers in our exhibition hall. Keep checking back here often to get the latest information about our exhibition hall.

As always, please be sure to check out the Gamehole Con Official Shop to pick up all your Gamehole Con attire and equipment. You can find our official store Here!

Current Exhibitors :

Gamehole Con's Demo Row

Gamehole Con's demo row is compromised of small and local game designers who want to demonstrate their games for you. These demos will be run on a free-to-play, walk-up basis. So please, stop by and learn an exciting new game, and maybe even get your hands on a copy!

Paper Labryinth

Universal Horizons

Skeeter Green

Planet X Games


The Huelsman Way

Thunderworks Games

Fight in a Box

Paverson Games

World of Game Design

Castillo Games

Tabletop Gaymers