Gamehole Con's Demo Row

Gamehole Con is excited to announce a new feature this year, Demo Row!  Demo Row will be compromised of small and local game designers who want to demonstrate their games for you.  These demos will be run on a free-to-play, walk up basis. So please, stop by and learn an exciting new game, and maybe even get your hands on a copy!

Gamehole Con Exhibitor Information

At Gamehole Con, we feel that supporting game companies is also supporting gamers. To that end, we strive to provide the very best mixture of local game stores, publishers, artists and large scale retailers in our exhibition hall. Keep checking back here often to get the latest information about our exhibition hall.

As always, please be sure to check out the Gamehole Con Official Shop to pick up all your Gamehole Con attire and equipment. You can find our official store Here!

Current Exhibitors :

GameholeCon Merchandise1
Lisa Sell LLC2
Frog God Games3, 4
Art of Charles Urbach5, 6
Geek Foundry7
Badger Games LLC8-10
Noble Knight Games11, 12
Archania's Workshop, LLC13
Art of David Lee Pancake14
Kobold Press15
Chimera Hobby Shop16-18
Light Trading Company LLC19, 32
Limitless Adventures20
Fernwood Designs21
The Rook & The Raven22
Atlas Games23, 24
OffWorld Designs, Inc.25, 26
Black Oak Workshop27
Campaign Coins28
Gargoyle Forge29
Gaming Paper, LLC30
Savage Creations31
Nord Games LLC33
New Comet Games LLC35
RPG Coasters36
Alligator Alley Entertainment37
I'm Board! Games & Family Fun38, 39
Pick Up & Go Games43
Foam Brain Games44, 45
Troll Lord Games46
Studio 6d647, 48
Abbots Hollow Studios49
Inner City Games50
Nytingail: Arts and Aesthetics51
Beadle & Grimm's52
Onyx Path Publishing53
Half Price Books54
Role 4 Initiative55
Mythica Gaming56
Hrothgar's Hoard57
TNT Laser Works LLC58
Goodman Games59, 60


Diesel LaforceA
Alayna DannerB
Jeff DeeC
Doug KovacsD
Terry PavletE
Chris ArnesonF
Jeff ButlerG
Jeff EasleyH
Brett ChumleyI
Dan HouserJ


Rey ClarkK
Hans CummingsL
Marc MillerM
Signing TableN