The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure!

Presented by Goodman Games Road Crew featuring Cory Welch

Starting At :
Friday - 9:00 AM CST
Ending At :
Friday - 7:00 PM CST
Game Type :
Role Playing Game
Rule Set :
Dungeon Crawl Classics
Number of Players :
Available Tickets :
Experience Level :
Newcomers Welcome
Suggested Ages :
Teens and Up (13+)
Table Assignment :

**NOTE: This is not a ticketed game (although those that grab tickets will be the first seated!) - arrive whenever you can between 9 AM and 7 PM on Friday, November 1st, donate for your tournament pass and join the fun throughout the day!!!**

On December 28, 2018, the gaming community endured a major loss of a gaming brother, Jerry Stefek, when he was lost to cancer. Jerry was an avid gamer, history buff, re-enactor and loving father. His love of his hobbies, family and friends was always evident in his words and actions. We would like to do some Good Works in Jerry's name and raise money for cancer research and patient assistance...

Enter: The Crawl for the Cure! We will be running David Baity's incredible 0-level funnel, The Carnival of the Damned, as a tournament to raise money for the American Cancer Society ( There will be 8 seats at the table to be filled with players with random 0-levels from the Purple Sorcerer Games party generator... (Characters will be provided.) There will be a LOT of fodder on hand for you to navigate your peons through the dread Carnival! 

For your donation of $4 you receive your collectible pass to join in the fun throughout the day whenever your schedule allows. When another 0-level character dies in an encounter (and there should be a steady flow of bodies into the beyond - TRUST ME), a new player takes the seat to test his/her luck against the horrors of the Damned! Become the King or Queen of the Carnival by running your meager character against the embodiment of Chaos within the Carnival's haunted boundaries - each encounter you survive, you will be given a jester's stamp. Survive with as many stamps as you can with your character and the character at the end of the tournament with the most successful encounter stamps will win great prizes from Goodman Games and their 3rd Party Licensees!   (being alive is not a win condition) Goodman Games has pledged their limited edition Egyptian Lich Foil cover Core Rulebook for first prize to the King or Queen of the Carnival, and further prizes have been donated from Purple Sorcerer Games and David Baity from Stiff Whiskers Press to sweeten the pot for your trek through the Carnival - See the prize list below!

Getting impatient in line? Need a quick fix that may allow you to survive the cold blackness of death for another horrific encounter? Work with the Judge offering a donation to the cause to create some havoc (and probably death) for the current fodder at the table or maybe gain an advantage at the table which helps you survive to the next encounter! Your dollars contributed to this most worthy cause will become awesome stories for years to come! Come to the table and cheer on the crawlers or condemn them to a bloody dirt nap, it's all in the name of fun and charity!

Additionally, we'll be recording the event in two-hour segments (there will be continuous play, however) for the DCC Mayhem Twitch channel, asking the watching world to also contribute to the cause while they watch character's luck and massacre as you traverse the Carnival!  It will be an awesome event for Good to honor Jerry Stefek and his love of the hobby! Join us: victory over the Carnival and its malevolent Evil could be yours!

Prize list for Carnival Crawlers:
1st - King or Queen of the Carnival - Limited Edition Eqyptian Lich Foil Cover DCC RPG Rulebook, You will be Crowned after the event!
2nd - Signed Edition of The Carnival of the Damned AND a piece of original artwork from the adventure!
3rd - Signed Edition of the Sunken City Omnibus from Purple Sorcerer Games!
Runners up - 2 Runners up with receive Signed Editions of The Carnival of the Damned!

Online Donation PDF Raffle Prizes Courtesy of Goodman Games and Purple Sorcerer Games (Prize awards announced by e-mail and public media after the event):

Donation Time:
9 AM - 10 AM - Goodman Games #80 Intrigue at the Court of Chaos, Purple Sorcerer Games Nebin Pendlebrook’s Perilous Pantry 
10 AM - 11 AM - Goodman Games #80.5 Giperio's Gambit, Purple Sorcerer Games Nebin Pendlebrook’s Perilous Pantry 
11 AM - 12 PM - Goodman Games #81 The One who Watches from Below, Purple Sorcerer Games Frost Fang Expedition
12 PM - 1 PM - Goodman Games #82 Bride of the Black Manse, Purple Sorcerer Games Frost Fang Expedition
1 PM - 2 PM - Goodman Games #82.5 Dragora's Dungeon, Purple Sorcerer Games The Carnival of the Damned
2 PM - 3 PM - Goodman Games #83 The Chained Coffin, Purple Sorcerer Games The Carnival of the Damned
3 PM - 4 PM - Goodman Games #84 Tales of the Shudder Mountain, Purple Sorcerer Games Escape from the Shrouded Fen
4 PM - 5 PM - Goodman Games #84 Peril on the Purple Planet, Purple Sorcerer Games Escape from the Shrouded Fen
5 PM - 6 PM - Goodman Games #84.1 The Rock Awakens, Purple Sorcerer Games The Sunken City Omnibus
6 PM - 7 PM - Goodman Games #85 The Making of the Ghost Ring, Purple Sorcerer Games The Sunken City Omnibus